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Patch - V66

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on: July 29, 2017, 11:49:52 am
Modified Twilight Temple to drop X20 more then it use to so the new players can farm it and level up faster
Made end game cards obtained into 3 ways to get them:

1) Luck where you have 10% chance for 1000 FS.
2) Forsaken Soul + Vote Molds 10000 FS and 10 VM with 100% chance.
3) Donations. 3 Donation Coins with 100% chance.
Destroyer event was taken out.
New PVP event was added with the following rules and rewards:
1st=Forsaken .Voucher x6
2nd=Forsaken .Voucher x4
3rd=Forsaken .Voucher x2
4th=Forsaken Soul x500
5th=Forsaken Soul x400
6th=Forsaken Soul x300
7th=Forsaken Soul x200
8th=Forsaken Soul x100
9th=Forsaken Soul x50
last=Forsaken Soul x10
1)Do not squad up/ally/conduct a pact for any reason!
2)Kill anyone regardless with your friendship.

IF YOU VIOLATE ANY OF THE RULES ABOVE You will get banned from event without any warning.

Tellus Invasion event changed:
1)Anubis will spawn only once.
2)New 3 quests was added to forsaken trade npc you have to kill 10x invasion mobs for 2 Event Medals.
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