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Bug Reports, fail updates etc

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on: December 11, 2017, 09:04:12 am
please note that we have a new client since a few weeks, some older clients wont be able to be updated ( depends on how old ur client is ) to make sure to avoid any bugreports and issues all older players that return back should download our new v80 client in downloads. autoupdate then!

first thing after u joined back game, check ur inventory for old gears with the old stones (Wrong item null)-->place them in ur bank and contact any gm or admin to remove them.. this items will cause u to crash so it makes no more sense to keep and hope to use them still :P

anyelse we hope u enjoy our reworked PVE+PVP

Note: delete ur old skillsenders + the "accm.adb" files in ur folders and download the new sender from "guides" or "News" forum section!